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December 09, 2008


Lance J. Mayhew

Thanks for the link. Hope you enjoyed the hot buttered rum. Morgenthalers eggnog is incredible.


Though he wasn't a Northwest bartender and didn't live long enough to know about bloggers (perhaps he died happier for it?) I would like to nominate my father's Tom and Jerry recipe (available on my blog) as a worthy contender.

Your fellow lover of holiday drinks,

KAB, GoodStuffNW

Cole Danehower

A good Tom and Jerry would taste mighty fine right about now . . . and I suspect it would do my head cold a world of good. For others who want to check it out, GoodStuffNW (a blog I highly recommend for Northwest foodie types . . . like me!). It can be found at: http://goodstuffnw.blogspot.com

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